Impact Assessment

Our approach to evaluation and assessment is unique, evaluating not only the programme processes but also looking ahead into creating sustainable and far-reaching impact through these programmes. The resultant product yields valuable insights into the social outcomes of the project, programme design and implementation process.

The research team has extensive experience in formative research and programme evaluation. We are well-versed with experimental and quasi-experimental methods and quantitative and qualitative analysis using different tools such as interviews, focus group discussions, surveys etc. CGF has conducted research with a varied audience including children, observation homes, rural poor, slum dwellers etc. The team has worked extensively in the social sector, covering issues such as education, healthcare, livelihood etc.

The objectives of CGF’s impact evaluation are as follows:

  • Assess the efficiency of processes in achieving the desired outcomes through a social audit. The social audit mainly involves an in-depth review of existing project monitoring data and internal documents collected by the company or the implementation agency (NGO). The data generally pertains to comparing the targets, timelines and budgetary allocations
  • Assess the effectiveness of programmes through impact assessment.
  • Suggest recommendations to improve both efficiency and effectiveness of the programme.