Capacity Building

We work with donor agencies, NGOs and communities to facilitate development of capabilities, with an aim to increase the efficacy of CSR projects.

Through our capacity building strategy, we hope to achieve the following:

  • ¬†Identify NGOs that require capacity building as well as those particular capabilities that require development
  • Develop core capabilities within the partner organisations to supplement the work being done
  • Improve the overall efficiency and sustainability of CSR programmes and increase impact

Our support for capacity building includes the sensitisation of grantors and funders on the rationale of the interventions planned, mode of operation, issues on CSR compliance and expected outcomes.

For onsite partners, our support ranges from developing effective proposals and detailed budgets, to creating reporting templates. Intervention/activity-specific orientation and hands-on skills are also offered as part of this support.

We also help our partners in adopting digital and IT-based implementation solutions through real-time inputs from the field, dashboards for reporting and app-based tools for results and measurement.